Create a Rewards Program

Before integrating with the SDK, you need to setup and create a Rewards Program on

Create a Rewards Program

A Rewards Program has a collection of Rewards that you'd like to pay out to your Users. Youneed ot create a Rewards Program along with the Rewards and dploy it on chain before you can start paying theseout to Users.

Below are some guides for how to create Rewards Program lfor various chains

For NEAR Protocol

  • Got to the X-to-Earn app

  • Select if you'd like to work on the NEAR Testnet or NEAR Mainnet

    • We recommend you test out everything on the Testnet before dpeloying on Mainnet

  • Login with your NEAR Wallet

  • Select a name for your Rewards Program (Rewards Program name must be between 3-15 chars and can have AlphaNumeric characters, '-' and must not contain any spaces

  • You'll now be asked to deposit 1 NEAR to initiate this Rewards Program. This deposit will be refunded when you make your Rewards Program inactive.

  • Start adding Rewards to your Rewards Program. A Reward has the following properties:

    • Reward Name - Keep it something descriptive so it's easy to understand which Reward does what. For e.g. watch_video

    • Reward Amount - The amount of NEAR that will be paid for EACH reward pay out. For e.g. If the Reward Amount is set to 5 NEAR, each time this Reward is paid, the user will receive 5 NEAR

    • Reward Limit - The total Limit for how many times this reward will be given out. For e.g. if the Limit is 100, that Reward can be paid out a 100 times

  • Once you have added all the Rewards, the app will ask you to Deposit the requisite NEAR tokens to create the sub-contract and deploy it on-chain. In other words, to make your Reward Program live on the NEAR chain

  • Approve the transaction and your Reward Program is now Deployed & Live! Congratulations!

For Polygon

Coming soon...

For Solana

Coming soon...

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